By far, our favorite dessert! I have tried thousands of versions, but nothing tastes like the original one, just simple and delicious. It is the best dessert to finish a special dinner with your loved ones. It is perfect to bring it to your friends house, you will hardly find someone that doesn’t like tiramisú. On our first San Valentine’s day togheter, I was not sure what to do, “should I buy a flower, a chocolate or…. or should i make tiramisú for Lou?” That’s what I did, and since then it became a tradition!


  • 4 large eggs
  • 500g of mascarpone cheese
  • 300g lady fingers biscuits (savoiardi)
  • 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee
  • 80g of sugar
  • Dark cocoa powder

1. Start by making enough coffee to dip your savoiardi into. I usually make a big moka of coffee, which is equivalent of 1 cup of brewed coffee. Once the coffee is ready, transfer it in a bowl so it cools down.

2. Break your eggs and separate the yolk from the white. Put them in different bowls. Here is critical that you avoid any contamination from the yolk into the white. It could make it more difficult later to whisk your egg white and make a nice foam.

3. Using an electric whisker, start working on your yolks and add half of your sugar (40g).

4. As the sugar incorporates in the yolks, start adding mascarpone cheese, little by little. 

Yolks, sugar and mascarpone cheese

5. As you finishes to incorporate the cheese and you have now a nice smooth cream, leave it aside and start working on the egg whites. 

6. Wash very well the whiskers to avoid any residues from the yolks, and start whisking the egg white while adding the rest of the sugar until you get a foam-like mixture. To make sure it is ready, try to carefully invert your bowl upside down. If the preparation does not comes off from the bowl, then you know you have the perfect foam! 

The upside down test!

7. It is time to turn off your electric whiskers and get a spatula. Start incorporating the foam from the white egg into the mascarpone cream. When doing it, try to mix the white slowly doing little circle as you go across the bowl (from top to bottom).. 

8. As you incorporates all the foam, now you have your beautiful cream for the Tiramisú!

9. Get a nice tray (width: 8.5″; depth: 12″; height: 2.5″), and start working on your layers as follows: layer of mascarpone cream, then a layer of savoiardi – dip each of the savoiardi one by one in the coffee (on one side and one the other).

Layer by layer: nice wet savoiardi immersed in the mascarpone cream

10. Following this receipe, you should be able to have 2 layers of savoiardi and finishing with a third layer of your cheesy mascarpone cream. As a final touch, sprinkles your cocoa powder on top, cover your tiramisú with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge for at least 2/3 hours before serving it!

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