Spaghetti gamberi and spinaci

As I always do during my grocery, i love looking at the seafood bancone. Last Friday, my eyes went to these beautiful white shrimps. I took a pound of them and brought them back home. I really needed to do something with them, so I opened the kitchen cabinet and, of course, a pack of spaghetti De Cecco appeared!! Yet, the dish still did not seem complete; the pasta needed some color and some delicate taste that would contrast the rich flavor of the gamberi. On that day, I also bought nice fresh green spinach. So, why not doing that? I asked for Lou’s approval, who in meantime was already cutting some parsley, and… she agreed:) the boss agreed!! I need to admit it came out very delicious. It is quick, easy and super tasty! Ideal for those nights in which you seriously need pasta, but you want to add a different twist to it. Like an empty canvas waiting to be painted, cooking always allows you to be yourself. There is no right or wrong in the combination of flavors you choose (as long as you don’t add Parmiggiano Reggiano on a seafood pasta lol). Allow your creativity to go wild and beautiful colors to be part of the dish!


  • 1 pound of white shrimps
  • 200 gr of spaghetti
  • 2 cups of spinach (just leaves)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of peperoncino
  • j.e. parsely

1.Start by bring to boil a salted water in a stock pot

2. In the meantime, clean your shrimps and leave the tail on (will give the extra flavors to the pasta). Wash them well and put them aside.

3. Time to clean the spinach. Remove the stalks and wash the leaves well. Now, get a fry pan and put your spianch in it with some salt. Allow them to cook for 5 minutes with the lid on. Then, put them aside.

4. As the water boils, throw your spaghetti (cooking time is usually between 10-12 minutes) in the stock pot.

5. Now it’s time to focus on your sauce. Dice your two cloves of garlic in very small pieces. Add 1/2 cup of extra virign oil in a fry pan (or wok), add the diced garlic as well as the peperoncino. Finally add some salt.

6. Around 4 minutes before the pasta is ready (about 7 minutes in), turn on the flame of your fry pan and allow the garlic to get golden and then throw in your shrimps.

7. In the last 2/3 minutes of cooking of the spaghetti, start transfering them into the fry pan together with the shrimps (high flame).

8. Add some boiling water from the stock pot to create a nice creamy sauce and finally add the spinach. Mix everyhting well and, if needed, continue to add some boiling water.

9. After 2 minutes that spaghetti, shrimps and spinach are cooking together in the fry pan, try a spaghetto and if the time is right, turn off the flame. As a last act of care, add some extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley and mix well.

10. Serve your pasta and make sure you add some of the sauce that is at the bottom of the fry pan rich in beautiful flavors.

Some shrimps have fallen in the pasta!

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