About us

HI, I am Ale and I love food as much as cooking it:) I am originally from Italy, a town called Latina, near Rome. I was a professional tennis player until I decided, after high school, to move to New York and study in a small college as I gained a tennis scholarship. I earned by bachelor’s in Biology and moved to Palo Alto, near San Francisco, to work in a medical research lab. After “finding” my love that you all will meet, Lou, I applied and got accepted into a PhD in neuroscience in Manhattan; we moved to this wonderful city in August 2021 while Lou found a position as a neuroscientist at the upper east side. So… Where does cooking fit in all this “boring and busy life?” I always loved to cook, i have been watching any cooking shows you can think of; the kitchen is where I find peace and lots of inspiration! And here I am, sharing our recipes and stories with lots of Italian and Brazilian influences. My dream will be one day to create our little place where food will represents the most efficient and direct way of communication and celebration of many cultures brought together!

I am Louise, or Lou! I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I came to the US in 2017. I am a neurobiologist, and the many hours in the lab are the reason why I met Ale, who worked just in the lab next door. A laboratory is pretty much like a kitchen, but the latter leads to much quicker reward! Our passion for cooking connected us even more than our career choice, and as early as the first homemade tiramisu, I fell in love with Ale! I am always craving for pasta and risotto, and Ale makes my favorite spaghetti alle vongole in the world! I sometimes prepare more traditional Brazilian dishes, but I usually try to combine our two cooking styles and make it a simple, but still tasty and nutritious meal. I find cooking therapeutic because it is a moment of power to create wellness. In front of our kitchen, we have this decorative wood sign from Half Moon Bay which says: “gone to the beach”. The name of this blog came from this idea of going somewhere enjoyable and relaxing. I hope you enjoy some of the recipes that we put together for this blog, and that you add a happy cooking day in your week. 🙂